Kansas voters block effort to ban abortion in state constitutional amendment vote That meant abortion remained legal in Kansas 

Abortion rights forces scored an upset victory in Kansas on Tuesday when voters rejected an amendment that would have allowed the state legislature to ban the procedure. 

"The people of Kansas have spoken," said Rachel Sweet, campaign manager for the group. "They think that abortion should be safe, legal and accessible in the state of Kansas."

This year, a record number of abortion questions will be on state ballots, and many are asking Kansas' decision Tuesday will be an indicator of what is to come.

Struggling to speak after the race was called, 23-year-old Jae Moyer said the decisive victory in the red state was surprising. 

"It's never looked like this in Kansas," Moyer said. "It's so amazing. I'm so proud of my state right now." Planned Parenthood donated millions of dollars to the opposition effort.

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